The Shoppe is a six chair hair salon located in the center of one of the best cites Lake Michigan has to offer. Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward is rich with innovation and The Shoppe fits like a glove with the progressive thought process that goes along with the development of new ideas. Our space is located at 155 North Milwaukee Street on the corner of Milwaukee and Menomonee. We are a 6 chair “Hair Stylist Cooperative”, a community of beauty professionals whom all own our own businesses. The stylists at The Shoppe are extremely talented beauty professionals and highly functioning entrepreneurs. Each of us carries a specialty into the space and we all are driven to learn as much as we can about the profession we love. Our goal is to carry the knowledge we gain through continuing education back to The Shoppe and share it with the rest of the team, and then pass that on to our guests. Guests of The Shoppe will receive the highest level of customer service and each visit with be chalk full of valuable information, personalized beauty needs and most importantly, FUN!

At The Shoppe, we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate openly and honestly with each other as well as with our guests. It is in an honest world that we will all be successful, not one where beauty secrets are kept under lock and key. Our guests will be privy to the most up to date beauty tips, styling ideas, trends and fashions. Integrity is a key element to our operations, thus as a visitor to our space, guests will have the ease of knowing that our number one priority is maintaining the integrity of the hair strand throughout any beauty process. We will offer advice and suggest changes as we see fit but only if the changes suit the lifestyle of the guest. If a guest is uncertain how to work with their new look, we will offer personalized styling lessons to help bring ease to the morning routine.

Currently The Shoppe has five of six chairs filled with several very special stylists. Tracy Grundy, colorist and proprietor @ The Shoppe has worked hard to both build the business and the amazing team. She has twelve years in the beauty industry, and 8 years as an entrepreneur. For the past four years, Kaia Hernandez (formerly Ostertag) has worked alongside Tracy as the salon has developed the cooperative concept. Kaia has 7 years of experience in the beauty industry been an entrepreneur for 4 years. She is our in house Lash Specialist and refers to herself as a “barberette” which speaks volumes of how cute she is! Kaia and Tracy are now joined by three additional talents from around Milwaukee. Antonio Fred, Make-Up Artist and Ethnic Hair Specialist, has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years and has been licensed in cosmetology for over 23 years! He is an amazing asset to our cooperative and we are thrilled to have him with us for the duration. Sara Smith will be our newest entrepreneur, she is coming into the space with 7 years of experience and has not yet owned her own business. It will be so fun for all of us to show her the ropes, congrats Sara! Sara is well versed in color and barbering. Lastly, Joshua Amroze comes to The Shoppe with 23 years of experience. Joshua has been an entrepreneur for 5 years, is an amazing colorist and has the drive of a teenager. He is also great with cutting and styling both men and women’s hair.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our space, please keep posted about all of our upcoming events as we move into our new space and grow as a collaborative community of beauty professionals. We look forward to the upcoming years and all that we will have to offer our industry, it is passion that drives one to be successful. There is no team more passionate than ours, not just about beauty but also Life.
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